Block Talk

Jimmy Griffin
Foreign language, junior

The highlight for me was standing in line for two hours in thepouring freezing rain and seeing people and their families toughingit out so their voice could get heard. It was really inspiring.

Angela Dimmick
English, senior

The high voter turnout is the highlight. It seems like a lot of newpeople have been turning out with all the long lines aroundPortland.

Kathleen Brown
Communications, junior

The highlight is that Kerry won the electoral votes forPennsylvania and the lowlight is that [the Democrats] are stilltrailing. I’m still rooting and hoping.

Daniel Kiraz
Pre-med, sophomore

Not much exciting has happened. Like people expected, it has comedown to the same states we knew it would.

Special education, masters

The lowlight is definitely the fact that Fox News has still not putCalifornia into Kerry’s camp. It proves that whole “fair andbalanced” motto is bullshit since they’ve called states for Bushthat other networks haven’t.