Budget and Priorities Committee proposals

The proposals put fourth by the Budget and Priorities Committee’s white paper to save PSU cash have the potential to remake the university. The proposals below are only a partial listing, however – the full paper is available online at www.bud.pdx.edu/budget2003/whitepaper.pdf

Eliminate the tuition plateau. This would mean students taking overloads (more than 12 credits for undergraduates) would pay more, while others would pay slightly less.

Increase tuition for part-time non-residents. Undergraduates in this category would see a 50 percent increase in tuition. Graduates would see an 80 percent increase.

“Work towards an ethos that would hold everyone at PSU responsible for marketing and promoting PSU in the larger community.” Department chairs would be expected to identify faculty who would look good on donor tours. Faculty who have “key relationships with potential major donors should be encouraged” to contact the university’s fundraisers.

Hire more fundraisers. In addition, pay those already working for the university more.

Continue building new dormitories.

Seek greater freedom from the Oregon University System, “if not freedom from the state government itself.” A number of proposals address the structure of funding at PSU, including changing the way bonds may be issued, retaining more money that presently flows through state coffers, changing employee benefits and retirement plans, and streamlining technology purchases.

Increase research capacity and number of faculty doing funded research.

Examine other sources of money, including regional taxes (which would require legislative action).

Rethink use of the physical plant.