Gaming evolved

I never thought that I would call myself a gamer. It’s just that the word “gamer” has so many connotations. During my high school years, enduring countless hours of others’ conversations about World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI gave me the impression that gamers were nothing more than pimply males who sat in front of their computers for days at a time while all but forgetting what the outside world looked like. Boy, was I wrong.

Now the jocks are stealing your math, too!

Everyone has that friend who takes fantasy football or fantasy baseball a little too seriously, poring over reams of data to select the perfect lineup for achieving vicarious glory. This is probably the same friend who spent summer vacations indoors as a kid, rifling through baseball cards and sifting through statistics rather than getting outside and experiencing the sport firsthand.


Meet Professor Katy Barber, associate professor of history. Vanguard: What is a geek to you? Katy Barber: Not me! (Laughs.) Someone who is intensely passionate about something that is not…

That’s my brony

For the past few decades, many subcultures have bewildered the general public (goths, emos and hippies, to name just a few). And while these groups may have been misunderstood in their time, their members bonded as one and basked in their own invented way of life.

Boutiques for geeks

Finding your geek look depends on what your passions are. Whether you are a pop culture geek, a vintage diva or in love with geek-chic fashion, there are some basic guidelines to follow that’ll help you pick out the perfect outfit.

Music geekery: the blueprint

Nobody is a stranger to the concept of “the geek.” The word’s been pejoratively thrown around since the ’80s, and it’s only recently that people have started embracing their geekiness without fear of having their underwear pulled over their heads.