Dennis Kucinich appearanced at an Ani DiFranco concert

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich made a surprise appearance at an Ani DiFranco concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Wednesday night. Kucinich encouraged the audience to both register to vote and vote in the Oregon primary May 18 as part of his campaign to “turn America in a new direction.”

Kucinich walked out on the stage and made a brief speech plugging his campaign, amidst shouts and cheers from the nearly sold out crowd before introducing DiFranco.

“This state, Oregon, is the place where we can not only seek a new world, but create one, and it starts with the primary election,” Kucinich told the crowd. “Give me a vote and I’ll help you create a new America, a new world.”

Kucinich is spending most of the month of April campaigning in Oregon in preparation for the May primary, returning for another tour around the state from April 12-28. The Kucinich campaign has characterized the Oregon primary as an ideal chance for Democrats to make a statement to their party because it will most likely have no effect on the outcome of the general election.

— Matt Petrie

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