A lot of folks have been bummed because of PSU’s new Taco Bell-less status. Luckily the folks at Sodexho have provided an alternative, ‘The Ultimate Baja.’ And thanks to Lage and Bivian it is 100 percent de-lish. Get to know them.

Tage Savage


What’s your name?



Really? My name is Tage. What kind of name is that?



Mine too. Do you have any Viking blood in you?

Yeah, actually I do. It’s cool.


Yeah, Vikings are cool. Do you own an axe?

I don’t own an axe but I should probably get one.


If you have an axe what would you name it?

Wow – I would name it – Choppy.


If I had an axe, I’d call it – Headslicer or – Headsplitter.

So you work at the – [I look up at the sign] – Ultimate Baja. Is the “Ultimate Baja” really all that ultimate?

(Pensive.) Yeah.


Have you ever been to the Baja?

Do you mean have I eaten here?

No, like have you ever been to the Baja peninsula?



I heard if you eat tacos down there you get diarrhea. Has anyone ever gotten food poisoning and then come back to complain?

No, but we’ve had a few people that thought it was too spicy or just didn’t like it in general but mostly we’ve gotten good reviews.


Have you ever made a really bad mistake?

I think the worst thing was that once we didn’t have guacamole and sour cream all day. And people really wanted it and we didn’t have it.


People like their guac.



What’s your name?



Do you like Mexican food?



What’s your favorite thing to get?

Chicken quesadilla.

Is there any other Mexican restaurant that you like eating at?



I don’t think that’s a Mexican place.

No it’s not, but they make a burrito kind of thing, I don’t know the name of it but it is good. Chipotle is also good.


Did you get one of those free burritos when they had them?



I had three.

I only had one.


You didn’t try to go for a second time?

No, because I had to work here.


What’s one thing that customers do that makes you angry?

Yeah, sometimes they give us the orders that we take and then they say we want to cancel the orders. At this point in time, I feel, you should have done that before.


Have you ever made a big mistake that you regretted making?

Sometimes I don’t know how to make burritos the most perfect. Sometimes I make it but usually he does all that [motions to Lage]. And if not then I do and sometimes I make mistakes.


What’s another part of the cafeteria that you enjoy eating at?

The Grill. Yeah, always, the Grill.


What’s your favorite thing to get?

Chicken strips and regular french fries.


Those are good. Who doesn’t like chicken strips? Although some people shouldn’t be eating chicken strips, do you think there are some people that shouldn’t be eating chicken strips?

Yeah, guys who are fat, they should go for salad.