Editor Pick of the Week: The Pope House

If you’re a frequent Northwest 21st goer, then give Silver Dollar and Blue Moon a rest and hop over a block to The Pope House Bourbon Lounge. Although they are known and praised for their panoply of bourbons and whiskeys, they also offer other spirits, as well as a restaurant that allows minors for most of the day.

Vintage artifacts and cozy booths compile the converted house-to-restaurant’s western atmosphere. The service is always quick and the bartenders are very knowledgeable of the whiskey world, plus the food definitely lives up to Portland standards.

If you are an avid bourbon drinker then you can start a card with the house to record every drink you try in The Pope House Bourbon Derby. After you have ordered 50, your name is engraved on a lucky horseshoe plaque to accompany the other dedicated drinkers’ achievement on their walls. Some of the plaques displayed have three horseshoes.

In addition to the outside patio, The Pope House also has a speakeasy style lounge, The Aristocrat, below the main entrance. It offers experimental cocktails to those interested in trying out a new concoction.