Events Around the World May 10–17

May 11 Coca-cola temporarily stops production of all canned drinks in Namibia due to water shortages. Canned drinks will be now imported, according to AFP news report.

May 12 Brazil’s Senate voted to impeach and suspend President Dilma Rousseff. President Rousseff is accused of illegally manipulating finances to mask the country’s deficit, and will face trial.

May 14 About 97 percent of the Great Barrrier Reef of the coast of Australia is being hit with massive bleaching. An area almost the size of Scotland, Dr. Justin Marshall, a professor at the University of Queensland, said it’s the country’s “biggest ever environmental disaster.”

May 14 Four activists protesting massacres are arrested by Congo police. Since October 2014, 500 people have been killed from these raids near Beni.

May 16 Swedish court sentences 61-year-old Claver Berinkindi to life in prison for the genocide in Rwanda that occurred in 1994. Berinkindi, a Swedish citizen originating from Rwanda, “was convicted of genocide and gross crime under international law consisting of murder, attempted murder and kidnapping in Rwanda.”