Vanguard seeking kinksters for the annual Love and Sex Guide

The Vanguard is currently polling as many kinky Portlanders as possible in regard to…sex… for our annual Love and Sex Guide!

With some help, we created an impressive list of many different fetishes.

This survey is 100 percent anonymous: We will NOT know who answered these questions (nor do we want to).

We believe this will be fun and informative for everyone who participates because we did allow for you all to see the rankings after! If you don’t understand a term, feel free to visit BDSM and Kink Terminology: A to Z.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of BDSM, we encourage you to take this poll. You may actually surprise yourself!

In addition, you will have the option of adding a fetish if we missed one! Exclusions are not intended.

Poll comments are disabled, and any form of bullying against participants will not be tolerated. This is just a fun, educational experiment and we hope you can stay open minded!

Please feel free to share with all of your sex positive friends! VOTE NOW! 

For additional information or questions on the poll please contact [email protected]