KPSU DJ of the Week

Name: Austin Rich

Age: 30

Major: English/history double major with writing minor

Name of show: “The Church of Blasphuphmus (Not Jesus) Show” and “Live Friday”

Time and day of show: Tuesday at 5 p.m. and Friday at 5 p.m.


What’s the focus of your show?

Right now it’s ’60s and ’70s garage, psyche and rock music, but every style, sound and genre has come out on my show at one point or another.


Your top 5 records:

Over the Edge by the Wipers

Fun House by the Stooges

Forever Changes by Love

(GI) by the Germs

Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth


What else are you involved in musically?

I edit the A&C section for the Rearguard and I’ve played bass in a few local punk bands. I’ve also DJ’d around town.


Best lyric:

“Superman or Green Lantern ain’t got nothin’ on me,” or “Kitty Pryde, so sweet and innocent -You’re all we talk about.”


First vinyl/cassette/CD you bought and why.

The Doors Greatest Hits. It was actually a gift from my mom, who owned the record store I worked at as a kid. This was so I’d stop borrowing her copy.



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