Looking to the future

Reelected amid growing fears of terrorism and despitedissatisfaction on Iraq, U.S. President George W. Bush now facesthe task of delivering on his pledge to protect against a repeat ofthe Sept. 11 attacks, analysts said Wednesday.

Manila Bulletin – Philippines
For our country, the reelection of President George W. Bush means acontinuation of the cordial relationship that was forged early inour foreign relations, as Filipinos and Americans fought side byside as equals in World War I and World War II. This relationshiphas now shifted to tackle other concerns from economic cooperationto support for the strengthening of democratic institutions in thePhilippines.

Pravda – Russia
The incumbent American president is unique in many ways. George W.Bush has managed to earn numerous enemies both inside and outsidethe United States. Such an accomplishment is beyond anyone else’scapacities. However, people’s hatred of Bush will not changeanything. Since George W. Bush has been reelected, one shallpresume that Americans consider their president a good leader, whocan handle his work quite well. In addition, it means that U.S.citizens agree with the political and economic course of thecurrent American administration.

The Taipei Times – Taiwan
The Taiwanese government has refrained from expressly stating it,but one can understand why they were hoping for a Bush victory.Bush sees good and evil in black and white, and is willing to sendin the troops. He is still the best bet for Taiwan, even if a greatdeal of the government officials sympathetic to Taiwan leave duringhis second term. Many other countries favored a victory for Kerry,but there are special circumstances facing Taiwan.

The Star – South Africa
As far as Africa is concerned, Bush has to see through the positivesteps he took to help African leaders to fight poverty,underdevelopment and the HIV/Aids scourge. Africans also expect himto continue playing a leading role in getting the G8 countries toremain true to their promise to help African countries to helpthemselves, through the New Partnership for Africa’sDevelopment.

The Daily Times – Pakistan
The people of America have once again shown to the world that theyare inward-looking in the post-9/11 era and will respond to fear ofwar rather than appeals for peace.

In Pakistan, as elsewhere in the Islamic world, the gulf betweena “pro-America” government and the masses will widen although it isdifficult to ascertain the strata of society most alienated by thisdevelopment. The ruling government under the tutelage of PresidentPervez Musharraf will continue to benefit from the presidency ofGeorge Bush.

China Daily – China
Now, since President Bush’s reelection, how the US Taiwan policywill develop in the next four years is undoubtedly among thehottest topics among Chinese researchers and scholars.

Several crucial issues that will have a great impact on theBeijing-Taipei-Washington interaction have drawn mostattention:

Will the United States modify its deliberately blurred one-Chinapolicy and work out a clearer policy towards Taiwan?

Is it possible for Washington and Beijing to join efforts tofight Taipei’s hard push for independence?

What will the United States do to balance the responsibilitiesit has to Beijing based on the three Sino-U.S. communiques and theresponsibilities it has to Taipei under U.S. domestic law?