Lots of “Leggs” at new Danzine show

Medusa Tattoo Parlor
420 S.W. Washington
suite 202
(503) 228-1008

Ahh, legs: wonderful, useful, powerful, irreplaceable, sexy legs. Are all legs sexy? People who are really into, like really into legs, may say yes. Robert Crumb liked thick ones, many males like long slender ones and everyone likes being squeezed in between or opening them. Fetishized most often by men, appreciated by everyone, legs have made their mark, a truly lasting impression, and are here to stay.

As a sort of sequel to the foot show, an art show aptly titled “Leggs” appears this month.

The show features over 20 artists. Sales by silent auction will benefit Danzine magazine, a nonprofit organization.

The show is at the small Medusa Tattoo Parlor and gallery. Living up to its name there are lots of different legs on the wall. Painted legs, photographed legs, penciled legs, mixed media legs and video legs.

All the legs look good, but most of them belong to two women: Viva Las Vegas and Teresa Dulce, the Danzine editrix. It would be nice to see more legs, but in the many artist’s eyes, they do take on some varied flavor.

The first piece that got my pen scratching was a very clever acrylic on wood painting by Scott Young called “Commerce.” Two pairs of legs crossed with dollar signs at the crotch rest disembodied in front of the stars and stripes. Geometrical X’s from a larger than life pair of fishnets that span three of four panels on a piece by Kaebel Hashitani called “Caught Staring.”

Gina Velour, who’s good-looking erotic photos were a hit at her own show a few months back, contributes some very sexy, long-legged shots.

Local video artist Omnimon made a leg-filled short video called “A Date With Teresa’s Legs,” that Dulce said is “selling like hotcakes.”

Some of the pieces aren’t too stimulating, but they do focus on legs. This exhibit is a fun one to check out. There will be a table with back issues and more information about the Danzine organization.

Danzine is a helpful nonprofit created by and for sex industry workers.

To quote their press material: Danzine is a collaboration of commercial and survival sex workers. Our goal is to share the information and resources we need to increase our options, and make informed personal and professional choices.”

Danzine has no doubt helped and enlightened many people working, or thinking about working, in the sex industry. The “sex” industry is probably one of the largest service and entertainment industries in the world. It includes dancing, modeling, prostitution, acting and everything in between.

Without proper education and representation, women and increasingly men in the industry face many difficulties. Disease, drug abuse, violence and generally bad treatment are just a few of them.

Portland reportedly has the more strip clubs per capita than any city in the nation.

Oregon, with excellent freedom of speech and expression protection, also is one of the few states that allows booze and nudes under one roof. Prostitution is currently not legal here, but of course that doesn’t stop anyone.

The magazine, which has grown from a photocopied two-pager to a thicker, slick-looking rag, contains articles about work, health issues, money management, safety, working conditions, stigma, parenthood and more.

The health programs, Dance Reach and Street Reach, train community members on practical STD/Hepatitis and unwanted pregnancy prevention. Dance Reach is an outreach program offered to dancers and performers in the dressing rooms of various adult establishments. Street Reach is a needle exchange program. They also host workshops and have a resource room with information, clothing and other resources.

Hosting art shows like “Leggs” and other events is another great way they reach out and touch our community. The show will run through May and final bids will be taken at the “Closing Tea” on Sunday, June 3. The informative and interesting magazine is available at a half dozen or so spots around Portland.