Lovin’ and Listenin’

Thursday, July 14

Evan Dando
Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W. Burnside St.
$15, 21+
Remember the Lemonheads? $15 dollars’ worth? I didn’t think so.

Long Beach Short Bus
Aladdin Theater, 3017 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.
$15, all ages
You know what you get when you take Bradley Nowell out of Sublime? Well I can’t say the word, but they are riding a short bus.

Friday, July 15

Talkdemonic, Nice Nice, Prime Meridan
Doug Fir, 830 E. Burnside St.
$7, 21+
Pay $7 and see Talkdemonic. They are the best band in Portland. I know everyone says that but it’s true. They won’t be this cheap for long.

Glass Candy, Kill Me Tomorrow, Dance Disaster Movement, Secret Puppet
Holocene, 1001 S.E. Morrison St.
$7, 21+
Rounding out a kick-ass night are some of Portland’s most brilliant post-everything party bands. DDM has accompanied me everywhere I’ve gone for two weeks.

Saturday, July 16

Suicide Club, feat guest DJs Le Tigre
Dunes, 1905 N.E. MLK Blvd.
$2, 21+
Apparently Kathleen Hanna art/fem/queer/post-everything band Le Tigre is taking a break from opening for Beck to DJ some electro-disco-mutant noise. It could rule (like Le Tigre’s first album) or it could totally suck (like Le Tigre’s most recent album). Either way you dance and that is wonderful.

Sunday, July 17

Shapeshifters, 2Mex
Berbati’s Pan, 321 S.W. Ankeny St.
$10, 21+
Underground heads unite! Some of hip-hops finest unrecognized are here tonight. Get your backpack and sullen glaze and let’s party!

Monday, July 18

Climber, Diamond Heights
Doug Fir, 830 E. Burnside St.
Free!, 21+
Well, it’s free, Climber’s getting better, and it’s better than doing nothing.