Lovin’ and Listenin’


Michelle Malone
Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside St.
$18, 21+
A self-billed protege of the Indigo Girls, Malone is folk-rock for the indie kids.

Stars of Track and Field, Blitzen Trapper
Bossanova, 722 E. Burnside St.
$7, all ages.
Apparently this show has some sort of freak-out theme. Wear a costume and you save two bucks, but at what price? I can never forgive Stars of Track and Field their name choice, but Blitzen Trapper is blissful pop brilliance.


Bowling for Soup, MC Lars
Bossanova, 722 E. Burnside St.
$13.50, All ages
Texas-grown pop-punk veterans Bowling for Soup come to Portland to prove that you can remain juvenile and trite for more than a decade. Oh, and a white rapper – ironically white.

The Psychedelic Furs
Roseland Theater, 8 N.W. Sixth Ave.
$19/$30, 21+
Early ’80s punk rockers The Psychedelic Furs, who penned the title song of the Brat Pack classic "Pretty in Pink," are hitting the road again riding the tail end of the ’80s revival.

RTX, Blitzen Trapper
Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside St.
$8/$10, 21+
Royal Trux may be gone, but their heroin-chic raunch-rocking ghost has been resurrected. Oh so sweet and crunchy, too. Did I mention the blissful pop brilliance of Blitzen Trapper yet?

Dante’s Inferno, 1 S.W. Third Ave.
$15/$18, 21+
Is bizarre Jamaican dancehall king Eek-A-Mouse out to prove he’s more than a novelty act, or is he reveling in it? Either way, should be fun.

Aladdin Theater, 3017 S.E Milwaukie Ave.
$15 all ages
I cannot begin to recommend this show enough. Lhasa sings sweeping, epic, tear-your-heart-out-and-hand-it-to-you torch songs in three languages. Her music is steeped in the traditions of France, Mexico and caberet mourning, but at the same time feels totally original and honest. Her breathy baritone floors me.


The Crystal Ballroom’s 91st Birthday Free-For-All

With North Mississippi All Stars, B-Side Players, 3 Leg Torso, "Hive," Indie showcase in Lola’s, tours, tastings and more.

Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W. Burnside St.
Free, All Ages
Funky brass band the North Mississippi All Stars headline the Crystal’s all-day birthday bash that even includes tastings, live DJs and history presentations.


Early Day Miners, Chris Brokaw
Doug Fir Lounge 830 E. Burnside St.
$6, 21+
Rural indie rock for the urban hipsters.


Jay Farrar
Aladdin Theater, 3017 S.E Milwaukie Ave.
Acclaimed alt. country pioneer and founding member of both Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt brings his solo act to the Aladdin. Witness some of the most important mother-of-pearl-button crooning of the past decade.

Elefant & Radio 4
Crystal Ballroom 1332 W. Burnside St.
$9.47, All ages
Both Elefant, aka Diego Garcia, and Radio 4 remember the ’80s fondly, Elefant for bands like the Cure and Morrissey and Radio 4 for post-punk in vein of Mission to Burma.


Kings of Leon
Aladdin Theater, 3017 S.E Milwaukie Ave.
$15, All ages
We all need a little southern garage rock sometimes, right? Even if it is more manufactured and groomed than the Monkees.


Lydia Lunch
Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside St.
$10.50, 21+
Surprisingly like her namesake from "Beetle Juice," only older and perhaps one of the most important members of the ’80s no-wave scene in New York. Fuck Karen O., Lydia Lunch lives!

The Hunches, Rock N’ Roll Soldiers, Clorox Girls, Typhoon Killer
Dante’s Inferno, 1 S.W. Third Ave.
$5, 21+
A smorgasbord of local bands – eardrums will be popped and Pabst will be drunk. Hell yeah!