Media 10

1. Elliott Smith, From a Basement On a Hill – When I heard Elliott Smith was going to release a posthumous album, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy it. But when my little brother brought home From A Basement On a Hill, I had to take a listen. I was blown away.

2. "Mr. Show" Fourth Season – David Cross and Bob Odenkirk had a hunch their fourth season would be their last so they crossed every line imaginable. When "Mr. Show" set out to be the American "Monty Python," they ended up creating the greatest sketch comedy show ever.

3. David Cross, It’s Not Funny – This CD is the greatest comedy album ever, simply for the fact that Cross calls Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie "two rich, giggling cunts." This CD should be dropped from the air on the red states like we dropped TV dinners on Afghanistan.

4. Morrissey, You Are The Quarry – Anyone remember Maladjusted? You know, that really mediocre Morrissey CD where he says he doesn’t have the energy to hate anyone anymore? Burn it. Because Morrissey is back and he’s mowing down his enemies like 50 Cent.

5. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Second Season – Five words: Larry David in a yarmulke. Case closed.

6. Modest Mouse, Good News For People Who Like Bad News – I’m glad Isaac Brock and Co. are finding success, but I can’t like the same band as some guy who files his Modest Mouse CD next to the new John Mayer. Modest Mouse has a lot of nerve refusing to compromise all the things that make them great and still making an album apparently the whole world likes.

7. G-Unit, G’d Up – Why do I like this song? It’s a generic gangsta rap song on a generic gangsta rap album. But let’s face it: Martha Stewart could rap over a Dre beat and it’d be cool.

8. Jeff Buckley’s "Hallelujah" in the finale of the "O.C." – "O.C." creator Josh Schwartz is smart enough to know that this is the only song that could make Seth Cohen sailing to Bermuda and Marisa drinking again seem tragic.

9. Portland on the "O.C." premiere – Hilarious. I’ve lived in Portland for 19 years not once have I seen a tanned blond girl in a bikini hanging out on the Willamette. Why? Umm, maybe because it’s friggin’ freezing out there!

10. Le Tigre signs to a major label – Have you betrayed your ideals in 2004? Don’t feel bad, so has the most self-righteous band ever.