Men are easy

Tomorrow, people will be split into two categories: those with a date for Valentine’s Day, and those without.

To the few preparing for a long night of V-day kisses and chocolate-heart consuming, I have some things to say. For starters, way to go! You have succeeded in making the rest of us, who once again remain dateless this February 14, completely sick to our stomachs.

Go ahead, give your valentine all the candy-coated, ass-kissing sweet talk she can withstand without regressing to uncontrollable, infantile projectile vomiting. I hope irresponsible alcohol consumption renders you incapable of performing physically demanding activities this Valentine’s Day.

Hey, I am not bitter. I am just transcribing what my fellow single-somethings are thinking. Dating is a tough business; a good day at the office is great, but a bad day is like a gut-purging ailment that leaves you dehydrated and moody.

To the rest of you out there, here comes your consolation. Being unattached on Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to be a sad, sloppy, self-loathing emo-freak.

We all know what if feels like to be alone on V-Day. You sit, you sulk and you reminisce, then you get off your ass, turn off the Dashboard Confessional CD and go have fun with friends.

Instead of being dateless and depressed on Valentine’s Day, you should use this Saturday night to meet people and make more friends. Go have a cocktail and/or act like a fool. Just have fun. The right person is out there somewhere, and you can bet they are not going to be interested in some over-analytical, sulking, emotional head-case.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a holiday celebrated by couples and couples only. It can be a celebration of friendship. In fact, I don’t know a student at PSU who wouldn’t benefit from a night out with their pals.

Singledom is freedom, so spread those wings by getting gussied up for a night on the town this Valentine’s Day. You’ve got nothing to loss and no reason to hold back your wild side. Make Valentine’s Day a fun holiday rather than a heavy one.