Portland is alive with the sound of romance

Portland’s bar scene is much more vibrant than most cities. Upon turning 21, I found myself energized by the unexpected crowds at local bars as well as the creative cocktails.

Portland is a lovely city to wander around in, especially when feeling tipsy and light after a few drinks composed of exciting ingredients such as lavender tinctures, flowers and pomegranates. I imagine Portland as an erotic city, vibrating with sensuality and romantic openness.

The best dates I have been on have occurred in this beautiful city, taking public transportation while our legs nudge and our heads spin from either the cocktails or the infatuation.

Indulge in Rose City’s tour romantique avec moi.

Before-dinner drinks

Begin your evening with an apéritif at Valentine’s, a bar located at Southwest Second Avenue and Ankeny Street. Surround yourself with the bar’s flowing white curtains, moody lighting and romantic atmosphere. If you find yourself at Valentine’s in the spring or summer when the nights are warm, you can sit outside, feeling the subtle breeze with your chéri beside you.

The setting is intimate though situated around the wild drunk squalor of downtown Portland. Valentine’s takes you to the realm of intimacy suitable for conversation and eye-locking.

Though Valentine’s has romantic décor, the bar still embodies the charming Portland ruggedness which makes this city so unique.


If it happens to be a starry, rainless night, take a long walk to admire the city. This may be the time for the connection to heighten, helped along by city lights and fresh air. I suggest walking across the Morrison Bridge to arrive at a lovely restaurant called Le Bistro Montage. The restaurant, located underneath the bridge at Southeast Third Avenue and Morrison Street, has a fascinating blend of Cajun-Creole dishes.

Inside, the Montage has a dreamy, dark and sensuous environment. Lit by candles and serving the richest dishes, Montage is an ideal date night restaurant. I recommend splitting an order of their macaroni and cheese while trying a variety of small dishes. The food is decadent, lush with a blend of flavors.

You will find yourself surrounded by an ambience of mystery, excitement and sensuality. The Montage is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the adventure of attraction while indulging in Portland’s diverse cuisine.


Finish the evening off with something sweet. Perhaps stay in the rich atmosphere of the Montage and enjoy their heavenly Gooey Butter Cake with a glass of sweet dessert wine.

Or, if you would rather switch up restaurants for your final indulgence, check out the fantastic Papa Haydn, located at Northwest 23rd Avenue and Irving Street, which is only a quick jaunt away on the number 15 bus. Order French macarons or a delicious slice of their cake.

Finish the night off with a short walk along Northwest 23rd Avenue, a storybook street with graceful buildings and shops. Once the night is over, the palette will be alive with new flavors and the mind swelling with attraction. Sharing a blend of unique flavors with a lovely person is a delectable way to spend a weekend night out.