Publications Board announces next year’s leadership

As the school year comes to a close, it’s almost time for the student-run publications at Portland State to pass the torch to next year’s editors.

As the school year comes to a close, it’s almost time for the student-run publications at Portland State to pass the torch to next year’s editors. Last week, the Publications Board hired seven managers and editors who will oversee the publications for the 2011–12 year, all of whom will begin at the start of summer term.   

Sarah Marshall:

Portland Review

The Pubs Board hired Sarah Marshall as next year’s editor of the Portland Review, a quarterly literary publication that publishes creative writing by students and other community members.

Marshall said she hopes to “get the PSU English department, and the student body in general, more involved in the Review,” and to increase its visibility in the Portland literary scene. She is also planning to host more events, readings and collaborative projects with local groups and publications.

Marshall, who holds a bachelor’s in English, is currently enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts program and plans to begin course work for a master’s degree in English in the fall.

Steve Ebert:

Graphic Design Center

The Graphic Design Center is a student-run graphic design studio that works with other on-campus groups and private businesses. As manager next year, Steve Ebert plans to continue to get the GDC’s name out both on campus and within the university’s graphic design program.

Ebert has done graphic design work for the Vanguard and the Spectator and worked as an assistant designer at GDC before being promoted to manager.

Commenting on what he enjoyed most about working in the GDC, Ebert said, “Working with clients to figure out what their needs are, finding out what to do to help them and making sure that happens in the best and most efficient way possible.”

Ebert is a double major in economics and graphic design. He transferred to PSU after two years at Boise State University and is in his penultimate year here.

Sasha Chedygov:

The Portland Spectator 

The Portland Spectator is PSU’s conservative magazine, published monthly. Sasha Chedygov has been a contributing writer with the Spectator since the fall of 2010 and has written stories for nearly every issue since then.

Some of Chedygov’s goals as editor are to increase readership over the next year and to incorporate different styles of stories.

“I want to add more informative news stories, rather than just features,” Chedygov said.

This is a new element that the Spectator began adding to issues this year, he said.

“We started writing ongoing stories about the Libyan conflict,” Chedygov said, “and I’d like to continue that practice.”

Chedygov hails from Tualatin, where he was the editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper. He is a freshman this year, majoring in math and minoring in economics.

Garrett Mutchler:

The Rearguard 

Garret Mutchler was hired as the editor of The Rearguard, PSU’s alternative newspaper.

Mutchler was a staff writer during his first year here at PSU and last year he worked as the news and politics section editor.

Mutchler’s main hope is to make The Rearguard into a “resource for the activist community.” After graduation, Mutchler hopes to continue a career in journalism.

Mutchler transferred to PSU from Montana State University and is currently a junior. He is working toward a degree in communications with a political science minor.

Joel Eisenhower:

Pathos Literary Magazine

Joel Eisenhower, the current Pathos Literary Magazine editor, will return next year to oversee the publication, which publishes student literary works in three issues throughout the school year.

Eisenhower is also actively involved with Ooligan Press, PSU’s student-run publishing press.

Next year, Eisenhower said he plans to “greatly expand Pathos’ on-campus and online presence, increase the quantity and quality of the art and writing submissions that we receive, and work to elevate the professionalism of the magazine’s design.”

Eisenhower moved to Portland six years ago from Arizona. He earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from PSU and is currently a first-year student in the Writing and Book Publishing program.

Joshua Hunt:

The Vanguard

Joshua Hunt, who has worked at the Vanguard since August 2010, has been hired as next year’s editor-in-chief.

Hunt plans to continue the work that this year’s editor-in-chief Virginia Vickery has begun, while “working to integrate more social networking and online components into the newspaper.”

“We at the Vanguard will act as a fourth estate, reporting critical, timely news to students and faculty about the issues that impact them,” he said.

Hunt is a communications major and has been living in Portland since he moved here from Chicago six years ago.

Hunt hopes to work in journalism as a foreign correspondent after graduating.

Devin James Henke:


Devin James Henke, KPSU’s current programming director, will oversee the station next year.

Prior to becoming the programming director, Henke was a DJ at KSPU for two years. Next year, he hopes to increase the station’s revenue and diversify the programs it airs.

Henke is a senior at PSU and is majoring in communications with a minor in political science. ?