Editor Pick of the Week: Salvador Molly’s

Step inside the eclectic walls of Salvador Molly’s for some tasty treats!

The restaurant itself has an atmosphere that would expect you to believe they will charge you $3 for a side of ketchup. However, their menu (and happy hour) are extremely reasonable, especially considering the excellently witty waiters and fresh food. With trinkets from world-traveling outlining each of the walls, you’ll be interested to walk around the restaurant for a few minutes to take a look around while you wait for your food.

The first thing you need to do, though, is order the fish bowl. Yep, that kind of fish bowl. But let me warn you! I am not a lightweight, and splitting one of those suckers with a friend is enough for me to call an Uber. The word “bowl” is not used lightly. While you are perusing the wide variety of food options on their menu, you can crack and snack on peanuts at your table.

Their menu hits a few different parts of the world: Cuban, Hawaiian, Ethiopian, Mexican, Indian, Southern, African and Turkish food (and more). Since I went with a group of friends, I was able to try a little bit of each corner of the world. My recommendations (and it is very hard to choose) are the Tsunami Surfer Tacos, Tamarind Mint Shrimp Curry or anything with their jerk BBQ chicken. Every ingredient is carefully chosen and super fresh; you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. Also, there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

If you like things a little spicier and are up for challenge, try out their Great Balls of Fire. They are famous for these habanero cheese fritters! If you finish five of them with all of the sauce (which I’ve heard can be a bit painful), you get your picture on their Hall of Flame.

Salvador Molly’s has moved its way up on my favorite restaurants in Portland list, and it will make it there for you, too.