Sean Howard Boggs

I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have the ends of my toes cut off, but my cats now can. And it is no longer a nightmare for them. It is a reality.

The few people who know me can assure anybody who wants to get to know me, how much I hate cats. I like kittens, but I cannot stand cats. Especially mine. However, this past week, I have developed a much-needed understanding and sensitivity of what cats have to go through.

Yes, these are two typical cats. They both sleep 36 hours a day, eight days a week and eat while they sleep as well. They also are bipolar, which, I think, is an undiagnosed condition that all cats carry. It is kind of like puberty in humans. When a cat reaches a certain age – pow! But even kids in puberty don’t have their toes cut off.

Now, throughout my cats’ lives (they are both over the age of seven) I have not cared about them at all. Whether they were hungry, tired or sore I did not care. I always justified that my mother cared and technically they were her cats after all.

And my cats are too much like me, which is why I can’t stand them. They are stubborn, lazy and can only go to the bathroom when nobody else is in the room. Since we share the same qualities, I only think it is fair that one of us dislikes the other. In this case, I am the angry one. But I cannot get angry with them anymore.

Last week they were de-clawed. In other words, they had their front claws removed from their paws. My cats have to be carried from room to room if they want food. The claws, or lack thereof, are right on the front of their foot where they balance their walk. Due to the surgery, walking is almost an impossibility for the next 10 days according to the vet.

This procedure was so painful for them that I had to put it into a context. What if my toes were cut off? It is basically the same process. How would I feel? I guarantee you this: I would be acting the same way as my two cats, which is not moving out of the same spot for over six hours at a time and the only time I do move, would be to another comfortable spot to lay for the next six-hour shift.

The removing of their claws wasn’t my idea. So do not blame me. It was my mother’s and her fianc퀌�. According to them both, the two cats have been ripping up all of our furniture this last winter. I was not going argue with this rather accurate assessment. But I think this level that they went to get the cats to stop was harsh. Again, imagine having your toes cut off!

I find what my cats had to go through very difficult to fathom. Removing a dog’s bark would be the only thing even remotely worse. I will never let anybody do that to my dog.

I will be honest, when my cats can walk and whine again, that is when I will continue my angry ways with them. But, until then, I feel sorry for my two little cats. I am sure when they heal they will find every means possible of pissing me off, but I can’t help but feel a little responsible.