Setting the “chill” mood

It’s finally date night!

But, it’s another one of those cold and rainy Portland nights and you and your recent bae feels like the weather is begging you two to get to know each other via Netflix and chill.

If you haven’t seen the Buzzfeed video, chill actually means cozying up on your love couch, staring at the screen, fingers deep in a buttery bowl of popcorn, while the temptation of your chill partner sits idly by.

Suddenly, the anxiety of “what do we watch?” starts creeping in. This decision determines how the rest of the evening plays out. No pressure… Have no fear the Netflix expert is here!

Not knowing what to watch can put you both in a frenzy of searching for hours that could’ve been spent settling into a comfortable cuddling position.

Trust me I get it, we’ve all been there.

Choosing anything to watch on Netflix can feel like walking into a buffet with way too many options to choose from. There’s usually the thing you know you already like or there’s those new spontaneous dishes you haven’t yet tried but look interesting.

Before you and your date play tag–no you pick…no you pick–take a breather. Life is about to get a little bit more interesting.

What’s hot right now are Netflix original series.

Why Netflix original series you ask?

Well, the most enjoyable thing about these series is they are far too easy to binge watch. Instead of usually waiting impatiently week-to-week with usual shows that air an episode a time on television, you and your snuggle buddy can put on some background noise that won’t interrupt you for an entire season. Or until Netflix asks the daunting question, “Are you still watching?”

They have some really great, riveting shows that will make it hard to focus on your companion.

A few favorites that need to be added to your playlist are: House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Fall, or Daredevil.

House of Cards is a must! Nothing is more entertaining than watching this American political drama with a ruthless southern U.S. representative, like Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) accompanied by his wife Claire (Robin Wright), who scheme their way to the top. This show will have you both mind blown with all the drama that happens, not to mention the pot of sexual tension that is sure to be stirred.

If a comedy-drama is what you desire–as much as the creature you’re sitting next too–Orange is the New Black is the show for you two! This show is good a cocktail mixture of entertainment, love, sex, mistrust and hilarious-humor. This amusing show also showcases some brutal honesty on what it looks like to be in a women’s prison, with a diverse captivating cast. OITNB stars a lot of outstanding actresses from Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Laura Prepon and many more that bring the storyline out to make you fall for each character. If watching some raw girl-on-girl doesn’t do it for you, then steer clear of this provocative series.

But wait, there’s more!

Any chance you’re into a psychological thriller? The Fall is your type of show! Not only will it make the two of you want to burrow into each other but, who doesn’t enjoy a good story about a twisted serial killer (Jamie Dornan) who preys on his victims, while a detective (Gillian Anderson) is on the hunt trying to crack the case? This particular show has just the right amount of intensity and dark horror building tension that will make you and your honey contemplate turning off the television.

Last but certainly not least, if you aren’t a die-hard superhero fan that needs to feed your inner nerd, then you’re in luck! Daredevil, an original Marvel series, is now on Netflix! This drama-action show follows Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), who is a lawyer fighting for people by day and a vigilante protecting people by defeating crimes at night. This show will likely fulfill your needs for action (and eye-candy), because it’s definitely as brutal as it is compelling. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your own superhero while watching…

So there you have it. Netflix’s irresistible shows that are imperative to watch, catered to all different types of interests.

I know, exciting right!

So don’t knock anything until you try it, because Netflix is bound to make an addict out of you.