Students and administration sign tuition deal

A proposal to eliminate a tuition break for students taking 13-18 credits per term this winter has been postponed until next year, pending state approval.

The pricing break, called a “tuition plateau” is one of the many casualties of Oregon’s budget crisis.

Today representatives of student government and university administration signed a deal that detailed how the plateau would gradually disappear.

After considering student input, the university has chosen not bring the program to a sudden death. It will instead reduce the size of the plateau through the current academic year, and finally eliminate it next year.

The deal signed today does not indicate an endorsment by ASPSU of the plateau’s elimination. ASPSU President Amara Marino is still encouraged by the outcome, and the cooperation of the administration.

In the past, full time undergrad students have paid one rate whether enrolled in any number of credits between 12 and 18. Next term, as per the agreement reached today, that credit range will reduce to 12-15.

Graduate students will feel the change as well, seeing their plateau change to 9-12 credits.

That’s if the state approves the new plan. Marino says all signs indicate that the state will follow through.

While Marino originally wanted to stop the university’s plan in it’s tracks; in a time when state universities across Oregon are charging students by the credit hour and adding fees based on subject or classtime, she feels that this small victory was worth the fight.

Despite this victory, student government is concerned about next year.

It’s unclear how student voulunteers, previously paid with virtually-free academic credit, will be compensated when PSU makes the transition to the per-credit charge system. But Marino is hopeful that further negotiation could remdy the problem.