The Helio Sequence

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The superhero youths from Beaverton do it again on their second full-length release, continuing with their perfect wiggly electro-guitar pop. The most ear-grabbing track is dance-beat marked “[Square] Bubbles,” which gives a firm “f-k you” to pretentious Portland scenesters. “I’m not part of your little scene,” Brandon Summers sings, “I don’t read your magazine.” The operative word here is “little,” and the quip will be appreciated by anyone fed up with insular music scenes. Needless to say, these guys break hearts while they break it down. Summers puts all his guts into the vocals, sounding like Lennon reincarnate, while Benjamin Weikel rides like a madman all over the drum kit and meticulously programs the sequence that hangs like a ghost behind them. A live bass player would help open up their sound a bit, but there is little doubt that these guys are gonna go far beyond this “little” scene. Be sure to check Helio Sequence out on Friday night, live at the Ohm.