The student stove: stuffed hot dog days of youth

Hotdogs (or faux dogs), cheddar cheese, mustard and Pillsbury croissant dough.
Let’s face it. With Halloween gone, the flood gates to the Holiday season are now pretty much wide open. Which means family functions and remembrances of days past with folk you barely remember or have barely ever talked to except, of course, during family gatherings.

For me I’m constantly reminded of the “stuffed hot dog days” of my youth. Mike, remember when … and we’d have stuffed hot dogs? Mike, remember when … and we’d have stuffed hot dogs?

Its a constant refrain from my mother at any and all family gatherings. It’s like an un-written law, if thou gettest together someway, somehow thou must makest mention of stuffed hot dogs, regardless of thy topic at hand.

It’s a cancer that has insidiously worked its way into the general psyche of she and I.

But, in an attempt to exorcise these hot dog demons I give you the recipe for, yes, that’s right, “stuffed hot dogs.” By the way, kids love these, so if you got ’em, or nephews and nieces, use it.

Because in 20 years when you’re standing around at a family gathering watching the molded jello slowly melt you’ll want, need, something to talk about and the “stuffed hot dog days of youth” are as good as anything.

Bon chance et bon appetite.

Okay, first we make mashed potatoes. I recommend yukon gold, they’ve got great texture, flavor and are a little on the sweet side. Basically four medium sized potatoes should get the job done of stuffin’ them dogs. Wash, cut potatoes and boil.

Once the potatoes are cooked, mash ’em. And mash ’em good, there’s nothing more disconcerting than a cold chunk of potato roaming around in the mash. Add butter (or favorite substitute), milk, salt and pepper or whatever else you relish in your potatoes.

Now ’tis time to get them dogs, or dog substitute of your choice, boiling. Once they’ve cooked it’s simply a matter of manufacturing.

Cut a dog lengthwise about half-way. Spread mustard in the created “pocket” and add mashed potatoes. Take a couple of slices of cheddar cheese and place them in the potatoes. Then wrap croissant dough around the middle of the dog and place it on a cookie sheet. Once you’ve done all the dogs you’re going to do place them in a pre-heated, 350 degree oven for approximately 15 minutes and boom, you’ve got Momma Coop’s famous stuffed hot dogs.