This Independent Week

Cinema 21
616 N.W. 21st Ave.

“Three – Extremes” 7, 9:25 p.m. nightly, 1:45, 4:15 p.m. Sat-Sun.

A trilogy of Asian horror directed by Takashi Miieke (“Audition”), Chan-wook Park (“Oldboy”) and Fruit Chan (“Finale in Blood”). Nothing says Halloween like pan-Asian horror.


2021 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.

"Grizzly Man" 5:30, 7:30 p.m. nightly, 3:30 p.m. Sun.

If you’re like me, you were hoping that this film was, at last, a big budget adaptation of television’s most glorious beard: Grizzly Adams.

Imagine this: 2056. The world has been overrun by a troupe of mechanical android bears that the U.S. government had developed in a shortsighted attempt to create the perfect soldier. One man and one beard stand in the way of complete annihilation.

Unfortunately “Grizzly Man” is a heartbreaking tale of grizzly researchers who are mauled to death by those they love.


Clinton St. Theater
2522 S.E. Clinton St.


“The Wizard of Oz” 2 p.m. Sat.

That’s right, bring out your oil funnel hats, ruby slippers and Todo eight-tracks and git down with the Wiz. That’s the Wizard of Oz, not the sparkly-gloved wonderman of liquid boy funk.



“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 11 p.m. Fri.-Sat., 9 p.m. Sun.-Mon. (Oct. 28-31)

Four special showings of the stockinged mayhem that is the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Live cabaret recreations of everyone’s favorite frankfurter and Susan Sarandon’s greatest regret in life.


Guild Theater
829 S.W. Taylor St.

"Edvard Munch" 9 p.m. Sat. Oct. 29

Forget watching “Scream 2” on American Movie Classics Halloween afternoon. Watch the fine Scandinavian lines of the progenitor of the world’s most primal scream of all: Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Director Peter Watkins’ 1976 portrayal of a man possessed by his art has been hailed as a frighteningly accurate depiction of the artistic process. Are you afraid of scary movies?


Moreland Theater
6712 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.

"Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-rabbit" 5:30, 7:30 p.m. nightly, 1:30, 3:30 Sat-Sun.

The only thing even marginally creepy about Wallace and Gromit is their bizarre pseudo-sexualized obsession with toast. But everyone knows that the truly creepy thing about the British is the result of the country’s sub par national dental care. Happy Halitosis.