Time off for study

After serving as provost and vice president of academic affairssince 1999, Mary Kay Tetreault said she is looking forward tohaving time to work on her upcoming book.

After vacating the provost position June 30, Tetreault will takea sabbatical to complete “Privilege and Diversity in the Academy,”which examines how universities have changed over the past 30 yearsas faculties have become increasingly ethnically-diverse, usingresearch from colleges such as Stanford, the University of Michiganand Rutgers.

Tetreault, who is tenured faculty in both the School ofEducation and the women’s studies department, says she expects toreturn to teaching after the sabbatical.

“Portland State has been a wonderful place to be because of itsengagement in the community,” Tetreault said. “I have a lot ofrespect for the institution and the people here.”

In a written statement about Tetreault’s resignation, PortlandState President Daniel Bernstine characterized her as a key playerin the accomplishment of many of the university’s primary goalsover the last several years.

“Dr. Tetreault has led the University’s planning efforts thathave affirmed PSU’s mission, refined its values, and identifiedpriorities,” Bernstine said.

During her time as provost, Tetreault led many of PSU’s effortsto improve academic standards and achievement. Among heraccomplishments is her leadership to gain Oregon University SystemBoard approval for doctoral programs in civil engineering, computerscience, mathematics education and mathematics.