Trish & Shaniqua: Backyard Poultry

The chickens simultaneously experienced urban peril and intolerance this week when vandals graffitied satanic emblems and hateful threats all over their beloved coop. The authorities were notified but said nothing could be done about it and that they would "keep an eye out, " whatever that means. Subsequently, the pentagrams and "DIE CHICKENS" were removed. The list of suspects is short.

Meanwhile, Trish and Shaniqua have put the haunting experience behind them and tried their best to go about their daily activities, not letting the graffitist win. Thursday was Italian Night: spaghetti sans meatballs – delicious (see insert).

The weekend brought warm weather, thus longer yard exercise. Trish felt particularly spunky and ventured into the front yard for the first time, garnering strange looks from cyclists and passers-by. Though her bravery warranted something like praise, she was soon wrangled and returned to the backyard. The gate has been reinforced.

Next week: Trish and Shaniqua receive a bale of hay for roosting. Will their eggs be golden, perhaps cubic? Photos coming soon when you return next week for "Trish & Shaniqua: Backyard Poultry."