What makes Wet Confetti?

Sometimes it takes unusual amounts of booze, smoke, thrift shop electronics and the shredding sound of Wet Confetti to truly pull the rock ‘n’ roll out of your tummy. Walls of electro-thrash and moist sweat-glimmering butt rock can only fill your eardrums for so long before they become featureless wads of bland Play Doh. If you’re looking for a sound that’s going to yank the party animal out of your secret pocket and stimulate your rock ‘n’ roll glands, you’ll have to listen to Wet Confetti’s latest album This Is So Illegal (Do it Fast).

Your internal rock ‘n’ roller will scream with excitement as Wet Confetti pulls you through their sound landscapes which bridge playful guitar ripples, cornball keyboards, sweet screaming vocals and rich bass-six mountains across a borderline abstract drumbeat river. The builds are solid with abrupt and necessary changes, keeping each song unpredictable and fresh as spring air.

I asked Wet Confetti some simple questions.

Band name and why?

Alberta Poon: Wet Confetti is our band name. As to why, we just didn’t want the word “the” or anything typical.

Mike McKinnon: It came with Alberta and Daniel. No Leeway.

Daniel Grazzini: It came with Alberta. No Leeway.

Alberta: Fuck you guys!

What’s the story behind the title of your last album This Is So Illegal (Do it Fast)?

A: There’s no one story behind it. That’s how we live, man.

D: Beyond the edge of reason.

Top five best bands in the Northwest?

A, D, and M: 31 Knots – a band we’ve loved since we saw them four years ago that never gets enough credit.

The Intima (RIP) – An Olympia/Portland band that was phenomenal live, but never got the credit they deserved either. Both of these bands influenced us a lot.

Chevron – You have to see these guys to believe how amazing they are.

The Planet The – These guys are hilarious. They have great stage presence.

Hustler White – Tons of energy, they really get the crowd going.

Why live and play in Portland?

A: Daniel and I moved here accidentally while fleeing Olympia. After Olympia, Portland seemed amazing and turns out it was. People here are really doing stuff whether it’s music, making films, visual art, or knitting. Portlanders take their craft seriously, which is inspiring. And it seems like people really support each other here.

M: I moved here on a whim from Eugene around the same time Dan and Alberta moved here. Portland ended up feeling like home and, like Alberta said, it is a really inspiring place to live. Also, we ended up meeting each other soon after I moved here. I really liked the music we made together and that was just another reason to live here.

The kids get so excited that they shit their pants while your band plays. How come?

D: Why not?