Is two (or more) better than one?

In his famous novel The Manuscript Found at Saragossa, Polish Enlightenment figure Count Jan Potocki has one of his characters offer a criticism of chivalry, a practice of medieval origin whereby young noblemen offered homage to a (usually) married noblewoman in an exclusive arrangement.

Chuc mung nam moi! ‘Happy New Year!’

These words were heard throughout the night at the Portland State Vietnamese Student Association’s 13th Annual Tet Show, a celebration of the lunar new year held in the Smith Memorial Student Union ballroom on Saturday.

Students raise farmworker awareness

If money grew on trees, farmworkers would be rolling in dough. Food is critical for human survival, and yet the farmworkers who bring it to our tables often struggle for survival themselves. The invisibility of farmworkers and the conditions in which they labor and live is an issue at the heart of a recently funded Solutions Generator project.

Students chime in on sustainability issues

While Portland State is known for making sustainability a part of its curriculum and the campus environment, do students have enough of a say in how sustainability is incorporated into their college experience?

Green ideas: from plans to reality

There are countless ways to be “green,” and now, several groups of students have an opportunity to contribute to the cause. The Institute for Sustainable Solutions at Portland State recently announced the award recipients in their 2013 Solutions Generator program, which seeks to engage students with devising their own sustainability projects around campus and the broader community.

Social Sustainability Month wraps up

Student groups collaborate on events

The events were varied but the motto was simple: “Toward community wellness.”

The last day of November will mark the end of Portland State’s Social Sustainability Month, an annual event now in its third year.

PSU connects with Indonesia

PSU faculty join higher ed delegation overseas

For the second time this year Portland State participated in the United States Higher Education Delegation to Indonesia—an effort to build partnerships with the country ranging from economic and diplomatic to higher education.

Conference discusses Marxism, socialism

Speakers argue Marx’s ideas still relevant today

“An injury to one worker’s power is an injury to all.”

A banner with this slogan hung behind the podium at the 2012 Northwest Marxism Conference.

Tribes protect tradition of place

According to Molalla tradition, when Coyote was creating the world he was challenged by Grizzly Bear near Mount Hood. Coyote won the fight and scattered Grizzly Bear’s remains across the landscape, saying of the tribe, “Now the people will be good hunters.”

Women of color combat abuse with activism

WRC talk opens dialog, spurs action

What does domestic violence look like in communities of color? And what can be done to stop it?

About two dozen students and faculty gathered Friday afternoon to ponder the answers to these questions at the Women’s Resource Center for a talk titled “Resisting Violence in Communities of Color,” sponsored by the WRC’s Women of Color Action Team.