Tedium? Nonsense

PSU should be stricter on admissions

Did you get into Portland State on your first try? Were you admitted despite the fact that you barely met the minimum requirements?

Governing their own

OUS universities should establishlocal governing boards

Change is bad. Or at least that’s what some think. But the Oregon University System may be providing a change for the better.

Solutions, solutions. Will they really work?

The Legislative team comes to a close, leaving Oregon students with something favorable

The solution to offsetting declining state funds for a university has traditionally been to raise college tuition. But now, tuition has risen to the point of obstructing many students from attending college. And it threatens to keep going up unless something is done about it.

Any-major career fair

All Majors Career Fair should focus more on all majors, and less on what can work for a degree

The All Majors Career Fair: the perfect opportunity! If you’re looking for a job that has nothing to do with your major, that is.

Slightly better than the current world books

Portland State participates in book drive

What do you do with the books that you no longer want—the ones that are lying around your room and taking up shelf space? Do you sell them? Give them to friends? Perhapts you can give them away for a good cause—and now that PSU has partnered with Better World Books to create book donation sites around campus, this is easier than ever.

What do we know, anyway?

Pentagon should allow women to join their comrades on the front lines

Are women likely to compromise military missions? Probably not. So why grant them fewer opportunities for career advancement on the basis of their sex?

Transcending a ‘transgression’

Girl Scouts face opposition from traditionalists over accepting a transgender child

The name Girl Scouts brings to mind all sorts of images, from camaraderie and togetherness to cookies and the cute little girls who sell them. One aspect of the Girl Scouts that often gets overlooked by those with no connection to the organization is its inclusiveness, especially in the face of redefining gender.

Locally invested

City feels pressure to invest more of its tax dollars in local credit unions

The people of Portland display a widespread love of all things local. Sometimes, this is the whole reason people come to Portland in the first place.

Go time: Properly used, condoms boast a 2 percent chance of pregnancy and protect against STDs.

Decisions, decisions

Determining the best birth control for you

It is estimated that one in every four college students will contract a sexually transmitted disease during their college years. Even more will face the possibility of becoming a parent before they’re ready.

Green men take stadium by storm

Portland State’s new cheering section, the Green Man Group, is sure to gain popularity

You have probably seen the posters sporting the faceless green-clad crazies. Are you still wondering who they are?

On Thursday, Jan. 26, the Portland State men’s basketball team played against Montana State. This time, the Green Man Group had the honor of kicking off the game, making their first appearance as Portland State’s new cheering section.

Oily Endeavors

Pipeline causes controversy about the environment

What would you give up in order to power your car? Money? Convenience? Independence?

What about the environment itself?