Family study room makes learning easier

Occupying one’s child while one does homework is often a concern for students with children, especially at the end of the term. As it gets closer to finals week, students use Portland State’s Millar Library more often than at any other time of year.

Perkowski’s ‘Legos for adults’

Do robots have souls? Marek Perkowski (also known as “Dr. Roboto”), professor of electrical engineering, speculated on this potential, as well as on quantum robotics, during Wednesday night’s presentation on cyber theater and robotics.

Elect Her inspires women to run

Pleasant conversations abounded between smartly dressed young women seated around white-clothed tables last week in the Smith Memorial Student Union.
The next women leaders of Portland State were getting their start in politics on a rainy Wednesday afternoon on campus.

PSU eyes changes to child care on campus

Change is in the air for students who receive subsidies for their child care costs from Portland State. Key stakeholders at the Helen Gordon Child Development Center, the Associated Students of Portland State University Children’s Center, the Resource Center for Students with Children and the ASPSU student fee committee have been in talks to redesign the distribution of students’ incidental fees to prioritize giving direct aid to student parents who need help paying for child care—on and off campus.

Training tomorrow’s female leaders today

More than half of the women now in the United States Congress ran for student government office. This Wednesday, the Center for Women, Politics and Policy will seek to equalize the ratio of men to women in Congress by offering training on the nuts and bolts of running for office.

Melody Rose steps into chancellor role

On March 2, Dr. Melody Rose will become the first woman chancellor since the Oregon University System’s first chancellor was selected in 1931. Rose will be assuming the duties of interim chancellor, replacing the current chancellor, George Pernsteiner, who resigned at the end of January.

History of sex toys

Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, ticklers, cock rings, masturbation sleeves: There’s something for everyone. Not everyone likes to admit to what they do behind closed doors, but according to a 2009 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, it’s safe to assume that more than half of Americans use sex toys.

New Sellwood Bridge drives students’ learning

The big one will hit Portland, earthquake experts say, in only a matter of time. So, for the next two and a half years, Portland’s engineers, a group that includes experts and students within the Portland State community, will work to ensure that the Sellwood Bridge can withstand this natural disaster.

Parents explore resources

A young girl wearing a pink tutu and fuchsia boots pranced about a cheery room while a toddler girl in a tiny jean jacket gazed up at her with a big smile.

Library holds comic gems

Portland State students taking a break from studying might find themselves browsing the Dark Horse Comics collection on the fourth floor of
Millar Library.