Popular Music Board presents Binary Two

Binary Two
with Abacus, Metro Area,
J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science,
High Plains Drifters,
Kid 606, Sutekh,
Safety Scissors,
Richard Boyce,
Moonstarr, Solenoid,
CNSE, Davebot, Chris
Haycock, Admix Sound Rig
Collective, Selector E-3,
D-Lyte, Lotion Pimp,
Bobby Bossa
Smith Center Ballroom
Third floor of Smith Center
Doors at 7 p.m.
Music 8 p.m. – 2 a.m.
$16 general
$14 students
18+ w/state or PSU ID

This Friday, the Popular Music Board will host Binary Two in the Smith Center Ballroom. Binary Two is an invitation into the wide world of electronic music. The lineup includes some of the most inventive and critically acclaimed artists on the electronic music scene.

In room one from Toronto comes Abacus, who will do a DJ set accompanied by vocalist Naomi Nsombi. Abacus, aka Austin Bascom, is an expatriate Londoner who has lived in Toronto for many years. He became interested in dance music with frequent visits to the Detroit clubs in the early ’80s. Whilst attending all night sessions at the Music Institute he became ensconced in the techno scene. His eclectic style, which infuses Chicago house with Detroit techno, has given him a number of underground hits such as “When I Fall in Love” and “Calling U.” Poised to achieve legendary status, he is currently touring with vocalist Nsombi in support of a new album on Guidance Records. They also plan to collaborate on a full-length album in the future.

Metro Area, from Brooklyn, is included in the lineup and comes to Portland backed with much support from the DJ community. Although they have only released a few EPs this duo has received much praise for their transformation of old R&B, disco and boogie into a house and techno sound. Following them will be local performers High Plains Drifters featuring DJs Elliott and B. Dub, with a mix of DJ culture and traditional instrumentation.

The highly praised San Francisco performer J-Boogie will be in attendance with his whole Dubtronic Science entourage. J-Boogie can be heard on KUSF 90.3 FM on the award-winning Beatsauce show. His underground hip-hop mix show was voted San Francisco’s “Best Hip-Hop Radio” and won a Bay Area “Goldie” for excellent programming. The group mingles turntables, sitar, flute and percussion for a hot sound that is not to be missed.

The legendary mix master Kid606 from San Diego will be on hand to rock the place with his emo-jungle-digital-indie-trashy-punk-noisy-wicked-electro-techno-hardcore-IDM-soul and funk. The master of the remix has collaborated on several projects like spacewurm and ariel but now likes to stick with the moniker Kid606 but the music speaks for itself.

In room two, revelers will be treated with the musical stylings of Moonstar, aka Kevin Moon, also from Toronto, who creates a healthy blend of broken beats, techno, bossa nova and hip-hop. Also on hand will be self-proclaimed “anonymous geek” Safety Scissors, or MPC, with his perversion of techno, including sounds of the electric ukulele and bubble gum. Sutekh from San Francisco will also play in Room Two with his audio collage of sounds ranging from computers, samplers and synthesizers to ping pong tables, scrabble pieces and “found sounds.”

Rounding out the evening will be Solenoid, Richard Boyce, CNSE and Davebot in Room Two and The Ad-Mix Sound Rig Collective (regular weekly performers at Portland’s Blue Note Lounge), D-lyte, Chris Haycock, The Lotion Pimp and Selector E-3 in the Lounge. Come out and see an incredible lineup of electronic musicians and support PSU’s Popular Music Board.