Spicy Vegan Curry

So. Curry. It’s a thing. You have probably heard of it and possibly never made it before. That’s alright, we can get through this together. We will start with the…

Spicy tuna burgers

Being in college isn’t easy by any means, but that doesn’t mean that as students we can’t find ways to make certain aspects of the college experience a little bit…

Bug Eater’s Delight

I did it. I ate a scorpion. And mealworms. With ice cream. With a cherry on top. And it wasn’t that bad.I was trying to find something bizarre and creepy to do in Portland, and I remembered my friend telling me about eating bug sundaes at the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum.

Portobello bison burgers with apple slaw

Hey summer, have you heard? Bison burgers are where it’s at. Leaner than your average chuck burger, bison meat has a rich and decadent flavor that perfectly complements delicious apple slaw and creamy chevre cheese. Pair with baked parmesan-garlic fries and you’ll be in for a truly gourmet dining experience

Super summery drinks

With the tropical heat wave Portland is currently experiencing, these delectable drink recipes are the perfect way to chill out. They are a great addition to backyard parties and warm summer nights.

Grilled shrimp salad

Summer has finally returned, with potluck parties and backyard gatherings in tow. Time to flex your culinary muscles and break out some delicious dishes to help the good cheer thrive. Bring this succulent grilled shrimp dish to your next get-together and thrill your friends with its bright and savory flavors.

Slammin’ Salmon recipe

Something smells fishy in a good way

If you’re looking for a fast recipe that tastes delicious and will impress your guests, roommates, boyfriend or girlfriend, look no further. This baked salmon recipe requires few ingredients and has a great visual presentation. It’s quick to make and takes very little culinary skill to master. This salmon is simple, savory and a perfectly lean dinner that tastes delectable.