You Will Rock This Week

Diverse, Lifesavas, Xclan

Berbati’s Pan

July 30, 21+

Chicago’s Diverse joins Portland superstars Lifesavas for the best night of hip-hop Porland has witnessed in a long, long time. Lifesavas, with incredible stage presence and powerful live shows, have made a name for themselves beyond the intimate scene here in Portland, getting signed to the DJ Shadow-run Quannum label and touring around the world. They are hometown heroes, however, and are never to be missed. Chicago’s Diverse has been creating quite a buzz in the underground since the release of his debut, One AM, on Chocolate Industries last year. His seemingly unstoppable flow and dense lyrical ability shine through and with the help of dignitaries like Jean Grae, Madlib, RJD2, Prefuse 73 and Cannibal Ox’s,Vast Aire, One AM has become a standard on every turntable. This show is going to be unstoppable.

The Hives, Sahara Hotnights

Roseland Theatre

July 31, all ages

The kids love The Hives. These Swedish standouts of the (thankfully) recently deceased garage revival have transcended the craptacular genre of their birth and somehow have kept going. They dress in costume, sing repetitive lyrics over overplayed riffs and generally annoy the hell out of me, but as I said before, the kids love them. And I suppose if you are into edgeless straightforward rock, good times or the Swedes in general, this show will probably blow your mind. Not the way a glass of Wild Turkey chased with a half dozen Dramamine will blow your mind, but that might be asking too much of a country afraid to fight.

KPSU benefit featuring Hollertronix


July 31st, 21+

Hollertronix, the filthy bastard child of DJs Diplo and Low Budget, bring their playful humping of the Dirty South and, well, everything else under the sun to Portland in support of our very own KPSU. Hollertronix have generated an incredible buzz for themselves by throwing southern sand in the eyes of their home town of Philly for two years by championing obscure Dirty South twelve inches in a city obsessed with its own Northeast sound. Their party took off immediately and in a world with one too many Djs, they make the art of mixing seem fresh and novel. Don’t sleep, don’t eat, just bring your girl.