BuddyUp at PSU

Finding community and a sense of belonging in college can be a big challenge for students—especially at an urban commuter campus like Portland State. Without peer support, many undergraduate hopefuls…

KPSU aims for LPFM

Hidden deep in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union there sits an unimposing set of stairs; the kind of staircase most people don’t even take note of unless they’re…

Welcome Explorers!

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You have found your way to Portland State University. For some of you, this is a dream come true: You’ve waited all your life to walk…

Senate and judicial board clash continues

The Associated Students of Portland State University student elections are just around the corner, but a continuing disagreement about whether orientations for prospective candidates should be mandatory may halt the elections process.

Tell me how you like it

Some people like it rough, and some people like it really, really kinky. No matter which way you like it, the truth of the matter is that you’re not alone. One look at the diverse array of X-rated material that comprises the $2.9 billion Internet pornography industry will tell you that.

Boozy holiday cheer for $30

how to host a festive cocktail party

For many students, $30 has a lot of potential.An extra $30 could mean eating real vegetables or represent three happy-hour outings. In extreme cases, the entire fate of a friendship could rest upon an unpaid $30 debt.

Mayor Adams loosens his tie

Dialogues After Dark connects students with civic leaders

Not many people get an opportunity to sit down with Mayor Sam Adams and tell him about an embarrassing moment in their lives, but on Thursday night, 14 students got to do just that.